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New Growth Chart Designs for 2015


We went West for inspiration this year and bring you the Mountain Wooden Growth Chart.  It's available in two sizes - the wider one more appropriate for a large family and the ruler size works in tight spaces.  The artwork is a print of a painting done in 1911 by an artist viewing a mountain outside of his Montana cabin.  Warm and colorful, this growth chart will make a lovely addition to any home.  

Up next, we bring you a print of an original by Artist Gustaf Tenngren.  The Cowgirl Loves Her Horse growth chart was painted in 1921 before Mr. Tenngren began his long tenure at Walt Disney where he created the artwork for Bambi and Snow White.  

In addition to these beautiful prints, we bring you something from the East - a Mod Style Wooden Growth Chart.  Birch trees are hot this season and our artist here at Growth Chart Art bring you a clean graphic version of the beautiful white birch tree -- in two sizes: the ruler width that is one tree and a wider version that has three trees.  

And finally, we bring you the Deer Family Wooden Growth Chart that is perfect for any nature inspired nursery.  

But wait! We have more.  Click on over to our New Designs page to see all of our new designs for Spring/Summer 2015!

Not Your Average Nursery Wall Decor

Looking for something different for your nursery?  Then you are going to fall in love with the nursery decor that we offer at Growth Chart Art. Until now, we have been your source for artistic growth charts for kids, but we are proud to announce that now we also have nursery wall decor as well. [...]

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What Makes Our Personalized Growth Charts Different

At Growth Chart Art, we have set out to provide our very special customers and their children with a new kind of personalized growth chart. When you shop with us, you won't find the same old boring, childish growth charts that you will find everywhere else. We carry a wide variety of unique, artistically designed [...]

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Some of Our Favorite Kid's Growth Charts

When you want high quality, creatively designed kid's growth charts, you want Growth Chart Art. We have a huge selection of some of the coolest growth charts you will find anywhere, and each is made with a meticulous level of attention to detail and expertise. With so many wonderful personalized growth charts for you to [...]

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Establish a Tradition with One of Our Personalized Growth Charts

Many parents feel a disconnect with their children, even when they are young. With school, sports, piano lessons, friends, and other activities, your kids are almost as busy as you are! All of that running around can make it difficult to enjoy family time and really connect. If you are looking for a simple way [...]

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A Kid's Growth Chart Just for Your Kid

Does your child have a name that you aren't likely to find on souvenirs during your summer vacation? Names like John and Amy that used to be popular just aren't anymore. Parents now-a-days tend to think a little more out of the box when they name their kids. It is a lot more common to [...]

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Create Lasting Memories With Our Personalized Growth Charts

Life goes by all too quickly. One moment you are rocking your baby to sleep, and the next you are watching them marry the person that they love. After all is said and done, our memories are really what matter. If you are looking for a great way to capture those memories, then our personalized growth [...]

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Bond With Your Son With the Help of One of Our Kid's Growth Charts

Baseball has been America's favorite sport for such a long time, and there is a very good reason why. It combines all of our favorite things: competitiveness, fun, sunshine and don't forget about the hot dogs! Baseball is a great way for fathers and sons to bond. Think back to all of those special times [...]

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Personalized Growth Charts for Your Little Rockstar

We all think that our kids are rock stars. Although they may not wear studded leather vests or have  colorful tattoos, no one else will ever be as cool as they are in your eyes. As a parent, everything that your child says is enthralling and everything that they do is amazing. If you are [...]

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Utilize One of Our Kid’s Growth Charts and Discover how Spending Quality Time with Your Children Fosters Togetherness

There are many challenges of parenting today including the stresses of work, financial strains and marital conflict. These conflicts in our lives can also stress out our children. We need to do all we can to connect with our children in any possible way to promote that much desired and needed emotional health. Building a [...]

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